Frequently Asked Questions

Product and General Topics

Relevant Match is a business software, used by companies of all sizes to enhance their business capture by increasing Probability of Win (Pwin).

Relevant Match reads and compares documents, using a complex algorithm and empirical rules, to provide a calculated score and supporting graphics. These let the Proposal Manager focus the Proposal Team’s efforts into areas which need work or are inconsistent with the Solicitation. This saves time, and saved time saves money.

Relevant Match is software which is used for one specific Solicitation/Proposal. Because it’s self-contained and requires no internet connect and no updates, every new license is a secure and fresh install with all the latest updates.

It gets deleted. The files you produced are untouched and remain completely available to you. You can even re-analyze them in your next licensed install of Relevant Match.

Yes. Each license and install of Relevant Match is optimized for one Solicitation. But bulk licenses are available at steep discounts.

No worries. Your license is automatically extended if your project gets delayed or cancelled. We can offer multiple options regarding your bundle. Simply contact your Account Manager.

Relevant Match only works with a Windows Operating System.

The Thematic Analysis Score of the Proposal shows how closely the Proposal matches the SOW. This provides an objective comparison between the two document, and more importantly, makes it easier to score by the proposal evaluators.

Relevant Match points you directly to the areas that evaluators use to score you proposal. The closer you match, the better your odds of winning.

Yes! Referring others can give you a discount on your next purchase of Relevant Match.

License, download, and installation

After contacting us through Relevant Match and purchasing the software, we will send you a download link.

Contact us through our website and after purchasing the license we will send you your own personal activation code.

Make sure when opening the Relevant Match application that you run it as an Administrator.

Relevant Match is a highly efficient, compact application that requires only 4MB of memory.


Contacting your account manager is simple. Just send an email to with your customer number and a description of your question.

If any of your important information such as email or phone number has changed. You can contact us via email or through the Relevant Match website and we can update that information. Just make sure to include your customer ID number and the information you need to change.

You can reset your PIN by submitting a ticket through our website for existing customers. We will then contact you with your new login PIN.